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Facebook itself is a social network that is within leisure and fun, although it can also be used for professional topics, such as having a network of contacts belonging to a series of companies or being present to be in contact with your clients. But there are services that go further and allow you to increase the professional options that can be given to your profile on Facebook.

We have a very clear example in Identified, a platform that allows you to identify yourself with your Facebook account, and extract your professional data from your profile, that is, your studies and work done. In addition, you can complete your information manually, obtain it from the LinkedIN social network or upload your own resume.

And this is now where the game begins, since from the list of existing companies, which you can easily search, you will be able to choose those that you would like to be able to work for, and therefore they can access your professional information. In addition, you have a question and answer section, where you can ask about any characteristic or matter of a specific company and be answered by other users who already know that company, and also, you can invite your contacts to join Identified, what gives more value to the platform, so that it allows you to recommend some companies and also to be able to know more about them through your connections.

One thing they always keep in mind at is that you will always be in control of your data, and that personal matters such as images or the wall will not be accessible by the companies you choose. It must be taken into account that companies have access other than that of users to be able to access and manage them.