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Idealo, the price comparison service, arrives in Spain


On a Friday in which millions of people are going to spend the money they have (and the one they don’t have, too) in great discounts of all kinds, nothing better than talking about a price comparison that has already landed in Spain.

Is about ideal (, a service that already exists in Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria and Italy and that has 4 million offers on its platform, from where it is possible to search and compare products of all kinds of categories.

We can select items and compare their characteristics, filtering by criteria to quickly see the existing products in their database and thus access prices, delivery times and available payment methods.

The price chart is similar to that shown in other projects with the same characteristics, including an Ideal Price service that will allow us to receive an email when an item falls below the price indicated.

They include in each category a shopping guide that helps to make decisions, it has a flight comparator in, they offer marketing services to the stores, they employ more than 500 people to manage the websites of the different countries … a project that was founded in Berlin in 2000 and is already available in our land.