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Ideal weight – Spanish website that helps you lead a healthy life

Ideal weight - Spanish website that helps you lead a healthy life

Yesterday Manuel Garca presented us the project Ideal weight an online tool that helps us control our weight through regular monitoring of our diet and exercise routines.

One of the main advantages of this service compared to others that we have already spoken about previously, is the language, since Ideal weight It is a Spanish website, so we will understand everything clearly.

Its operation is quite simple, once we register as users, we must set some objectives, based on our current weight and dimensions and those we wish to acquire.

From then on we will have to enter each day the physical exercises performed and the food we eat, so that the application calculates the calories ingested and burned, storing these data in graphs along with the evolution of our weight, so that we can see if we are following the right way.

In addition to this, the website also has tips on diet and healthy living and some other features that will help us in our task of maintaining an adequate weight.

A very interesting project, which helps us to be a little more aware of the rhythm of life we ​​lead, although we must always bear in mind that these types of websites are indicative and that to start a diet we must always consult a specialist first.