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ICQ is now a mix of Prisma, Snapchat, Whatsapp and Facebook

mayo 23, 2020

The classic ICQ does not give up, it continues to wage war to recover the image, and the use it had in the past, and it continues to work to get hold of WhatsApp and Telegram users (where, by the way, we already have a channel on / wwwhatsnew), each one faithful to his messaging platform.

Now they launch a new version for iPhone and iPad that is capable of processing photos and videos using neural networks, images that can be shared on social networks, sent to any ICQ chat or to the ICQ Stories.

The philosophy is similar to the one we already know in projects like Prisma, since they have used Artificial Intelligence to apply filters of works by famous artists in the photos that we indicate. We just have to select one of many existing filters and apply it to the image or video we want. The application also offers other camera and editing functions, such as adding masks, stickers, drawings or adding text, similar to what we do with Snapchat.

To carry out the edition, ICQ integrates Artisto, the app that allows us to edit videos based on a neural network algorithm. For photos use Vinci, with its API already available.

Users can indicate how they feel with the shared captures in the Stories of their contacts, there are three basic icons to represent the sentiment, similar to what we do on Facebook.

Surely that is the problem of ICQ, the word Similar appears too much. It has become a mix of Whatsapp, Snapchat, Prism and Facebook, without over-innovating with unique features that allow it to attract users in search of novelty.