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Huddle Launches Collaborative Notes Feature and Debuts New Version on iOS


We had presented Huddle to you as an excellent option to manage projects remotely, sharing tasks, editing and reading documents presented by other users without the need for any installation.

Huddle is now launching a new feature, called the Huddle Note, so that large agencies, governments, or healthcare organizations can count on a good collaborative note management product. Huddle has already introduced itself as a collaborative platform for companies, and now, with its redesigned app for iOS 7, it adds the possibility that they can create, store notes and collaborate on content through the desktop and mobile device, in synchronization .

What makes Huddle special in terms of security and data storage is that, knowing that its service is used by departments that handle confidential data, we can choose to keep the data in the US or Europe and, additionally, Huddle is working in more centers. data storage to offer us more options in this regard. Surely data security and storage options will continue to grow soon, thanks to the total funding of $ 40 million received by the company that is likely to continue to increase in the coming months.

The Android version will have to wait a little longer, and we still do not have an exact date to confirm when the Huddle Note will arrive on the platform. For now, you can download the new redesigned version of Huddle for iOS on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone at this link.