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How would the programs on your computer be if they were anime characters

How would the programs on your computer be if they were anime characters

How would the programs on your computer be if they were anime characters

If you do a little searching, it’s easy to find anime characters based on programs you use on your computer. Why is the fans so obsessed with this?

The truth is that it is not a phenomenon unique to computer programs. Virtually anything can be played as an anime character, most of the time as a girl, of course.

What is really interesting is seeing how the characteristics, appearance and functioning of that object or thing are personified in a girl with her own personality, background and history. Normally it is a community work, in forums like 2chan in which each member contributes ideas and drawings.

Anime characters based on shows

Maybe these characters exist for the creativity that manganime fans have inside, ready to explode with literally anything. Or it may simply be because of the obsession with getting a waifu (a kind of girlfriend that does not exist in this world, it is very long to explain).

The case is that the programs of our computer are not saved from being transformed in this way. These characters are often called OS-tan., where OS comes from the operating system, and -tan is an honorific, an informal way of speaking about a person (the Japanese very rarely say a person’s name as it is, they usually say the surname with an honorific like -san).

If we dig around a bit, we can find many of these OS-tan, such as the ones created by the Reef1600 hobbyist on deviantart (the link leads to material that may be NSFW).

As you can see, it is not only based on appearance, but also in the behavior of the program to create a consistent personality.

Photoshop eating memory, Chrome proudly teaching her game when offline, Excel a serious business woman who also has her playful side with animations, Outlook like a motorcycle messenger

And if we search the web we find other examples, such as Firefox dressed as a miko (a typical temple priestess, associated with paranormal phenomena).

Even Ubuntu has Ubunchu, a manga starring girls discovering the wonders of free software.

Microsoft aims to turn its programs into anime girls

The funny thing is that in Japan not only fans create OS-tan, companies themselves also take advantage of this fashion to create anime characters that attract attention in the bustling and bright streets of Akibahara.

The most famous case of an official character is perhaps that of Microsoft, which started creating anime girl versions of its Windows operating system for advertising and to participate in events such as Comiket, the largest gathering of manga and anime fans in the world.

These official characters are designed by some of the world’s most prominent artists, and dubbed by seiyuu (voice actresses) who have participated in many anime series. For example, Microsoft’s latest anime girl is Windows 10.

His name is Touko Madobe, and his name is a pun on 10. He likes to play online and help others, even if he is 100 years from now. Right now she is a rookie, but she hopes to continue supporting people thanks to her studies. Her voice is that of Ai Nonaka, a seiyuu famous for series such as Clannad, Negima or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

As you can see, the world of anime characters based on shows is very wide, with a great fans behind and companies that are learning to take advantage of these creations. What is your favorite?