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How to view Google AdSense revenue in any currency

adsense monedas

Sign in to Google AdSense and in the main panel go to the tab Performance reports from the top. On the right side, under the calendar section where the time interval to evaluate the performance is defined, there is a button that says Columns which, when pressed, displays a small window with some options.

Well, at the end is the word Coin next to a drop-down menu where you can choose between currencies from all over the world. Subtract select the preferred one, for many the local currency, and finally click on Apply for changes to be executed in all categories of the dashboard Performance reports: Common reports (websites, passes, platform, the entire account per day / month / year), quick reports, Events and Saved reports.

These are temporary adjustments that do not affect even the main page – much less the payment settings – they only serve to modify the display mode to dispense with external estimates and conversions.

As many of you may have noticed, the Google AdSense dashboard has quite a few limitations for working on reviewing earnings and returns reports with different currencies to the dollar. It makes sense for payments to be so because of how complicated it is to manage the currencies of the many countries that the system covers, but for reports it is hardly a triviality to integrate a unit converter and it is surprising that only so far they included it.