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How to use your smartphone as a magnifying glass

How to use your smartphone as a magnifying glass

How to use your smartphone as a magnifying glass

Your smartphone’s camera has many uses, and one of them is to act as a magnifying glass. We tell you how you can make your mobile become a magnifier.

If you are old, or if you have a tired sight (a common thing in which we spend hours in front of a screen), chances are that you have vision problems. They can be light, and you don’t even need glasses right now. Or they can be serious, and that you have thicker glasses than those of Manolito Gafotas.

The problem is compounded if you have difficulty reading or seeing things up close. You always have to wear your glasses to read anything from a restaurant menu to the parking meter. And you don’t always have your glasses with you, they may have been lost or you can’t find them. Or that you left them somewhere, viz.

How to use your magnifying glass

In this case, your smartphone can be your best ally. I already know many who take advantage of the camera to focus from afar when they do not have the glasses at hand. And our phones can Use a magnifying glass to read better up close. In some cases without even installing new applications. only with what the factory system has.

on iOS / iPhone:

magnifying glass-phone-iphone-ios-2

In iOS we find the magnifying glass already integrated into the operating system, but disabled by default. Once we activate it, we just have to press the Home button (the one to return to the desk) three times in a row. That activates the magnifying glass in any circumstance.

And in the magnifying glass we can graduating aspects such as tonality (for color blind people), lock the exposure or if we want to use the Flash as a flashlight. We can even take photos to save something that we see with the magnifying glass.

  1. Go into Adjustments and look for the section general
  2. Search Accessibility and click on it
  3. The third option starting at the top is Magnifier, click on it
  4. Activate the option and you’re done
    1. If you want, activate the ambient light option to adjust the brightness and contrast.

on Android:


Unfortunately, in Android there is no function at the system level to do this. The accessibility of Android allows us to enlarge the screen, but it does not allow us to use the camera to enlarge. And yes, it is a pity that Android does not have the same level of accessibility as iOS, but luckily it can be fixed.

The solution is, as in many cases, in third-party applications. Some developers have seen this need, and have created their own applications to solve the problem. Here are some that you can install and use without problems. All you have to do is install the application and use it.

Version: varies by device


Requires Android Stick depending on the device

Size: varies by device

Version: 1.7


Requires Android 4.0 and higher versions

Version: 1.1.5


Requires Android 4.1 and higher versions