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How to use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same computer

WhatsApp for iPhone is updated in a big way: notifications, files ...

WhatsApp for iPhone is updated in a big way: notifications, files ...

We show you a very simple method to have two or more sessions of WhatsApp Web open at the same time.

Maybe you are astalker with five phone numbers and with five WhatsApp profiles respectively. You may even have all those phone numbers at the same time. So this little trick is for you, because with it you can run several WhatsApp Web at the same time on the same computer.

We must not think of extremes as beasts, because simply with have two phone numbers (one personal and one for work) we may be interested in running two WhatsApp Web at the same time. And it is that officially, unfortunately, we can not.

Open two or more WhatsApp Web at the same time

The method is very rudimentary, but not complicated at all. It consists of taking advantage of the incognito windows of web browsers. The more we have, the more possibility we will have to open more windows simultaneously.

The problem is that when someone knows this, they try to open as many incognito windows as sessions you need, but this does not work at all. When you open an incognito window, the rest will share cookies. So for each browser we can only open two sessions at the same time (which is not entirely bad).

For something very basic, but not everyone is aware. This is because when we navigate incognito, thecookies. These cookies with which you can save, for example, the Facebook session so that you do not have to be entering the password every time you turn on the computer.

Without it, we would not only have to enter the password when we want to enter any website, but we would also have to enter it approximately every minute (when we refresh the website, for example, the session will be lost).

In this way, With three web browsers, we will have access to six simultaneous sessions on WhatsApp. Of course, when browsing incognito, the session will not be saved. Every time we want to enter again we will have to be registering the computer as if it were the first time (precisely because the cookies expire at the close of the browser).