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How to turn on two-step authentication for Instagram: what it is and why you should do it

How to turn on two-step authentication for Instagram: what it is and why you should do it

How to turn on two-step authentication for Instagram: what it is and why you should do it

So you can activate the Two-step Instagram authentication to improve the security of your account.

Instagram continues to grow in number of users and millions of pieces of content are published every day, including photos, videos and ephemeral stories, so the platform continually improves adding new features and options, such as two-step authentication.

This double check that we can add to the accounts one of the novelties of this week, since the company will also be introducing censorship measures to block sensitive content at first sight, automatically blurring images that are not suitable for all audiences at least in one First glance.

What is two-step authentication for Instagram

instagram verification in two steps

Instagram has been testing this option with many users but now is when available to absolutely everyone Instagram profiles, on Android and iOS.

Two-step authentication is an extra security measure when logging into our Instagram account. As always, we must log in with our account and password, but having it active we will have to enter a Unique and temporary code that we will receive at that moment in that mobile.

Thus, one more variable is added to the equation and it is that a possible attacker who wants to access our account should also have physical access to the phone to be able to read the SMS with the code.

There are many services that have added this security layer and we recommend activating it:

How to activate two-step authentication on Instagram

So if you want activate two-step verification on Instagram, enter your profile page and access the Application Options.


In the Account section, you will see the Authentication option in two cases, just under the change password section. If we activate the authentication button, the first thing that we ask for our phone number. This is essential, since it is where the SMS (without cost) with the codes. At that time they will send you a message to confirm that everything is correct and ready.

What if one day you want to enter Instagram and you do not have your phone? This could happen for example to enter from another device or from the web version on the computer. No problem, because when activating two-step authentication we will also see a timeless codes list and we can save them to always have them as lifeguards

Be careful, these codes are not temporary, they always work, so pay close attention to where they are stored and who can access them. If you have lost sight of them or want to change them for security, you can generate new codes at any time.