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How to talk on WhatsApp without adding the number to your contacts

You can now send Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents via WhatsApp

How to talk on WhatsApp without adding the number to your contacts

You can now talk on WhatsApp without adding the number to your contacts, thanks to a small trick.

Whatsapp is eight years old today; During that time it has evolved a lot, it has allowed us to connect with our family, friends and acquaintances in many different ways.

Just this week the new states were released, although the reception has been somewhat lukewarm; the novelty discovered today is likely to receive a similar reaction. For many people, it will be very helpful, but it will probably also bring its own problems.

It’s about the possibility of Talk on WhatsApp without adding the number to the contacts of our phone; Everyone knows that this is the most basic requirement to start a WhatsApp conversation. After all, when you start the app the first thing it does is get the contacts saved on your phone and check who uses the application and is connected.

Join by Whatsapp without adding the number

No more; from now on you can create a simple link to talk to another person; You still need to know their phone number, but you don’t need to add it to your contacts.

The process is simple, you just have to use the following web address:

Where XXXXXXXX is the phone number you want to talk to. Please note the following details:

  • The number must be in international format. Therefore, you have to add the country phone code. In the case of Spain, it is +34.
  • The prefix cannot have any sign or hyphen.
  • The prefix cannot have a zero either. Therefore, in the case of Spain it has to be 34XXXXXX.

A fictitious example of a link and how it would look is as follows:

It cannot be like this, for example:

Now you just have to save the link, and visit it when you want to talk to that person. A website will appear with a send message button, and the WhatsApp app will open when you click on it.

You can also send an initial message by default, with the following address

Where encoded text is the text in URL format; that means removing spaces and other special characters. It is very easy to do it with a web application like this. For example, it would look like this:

What do you think about this added to WhatsApp? On the one hand it is ideal if we want to talk to a person without having to add them to the contacts; many times you just don’t want that hassle. But then again, this allows users to send messages to people just by knowing their phone.