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How to stop Google Chrome from asking us for permission for everything

How to stop Google Chrome from asking us for permission for everything

How to stop Google Chrome from asking us for permission for everything

It is good that Google Chrome asks us for permission to access a certainhardware, but 90% of the time it is annoying.

Due to the concern of users for their privacy and security, increasingly operating systems and applications are requiring you to confirm that you want to give permissionso that an application can have access to a certainhardware. To send us a notification, for example, we have to give permission. In order to use location, too. And so with each of the possible elements.

Safety and user experience is something that does not go hand in hand. It never has. If you want security, you will have to lose usability. And vice versa. Until recently, any application had full control (except for administrator permission, which always had to be given permission for that) over the device.

How to make Google Chrome stop asking us about everything

Here we have two options: We either make the browser accept all requests or we decline them. The best thing is, obviously, to automatically decline all requests, and in case you need any specific permission, because we are interested, accept it. In this way, the next time we enter a website they will no longer ask us if we want to activate notifications or if we want to activateflash, which are very intrusive messages.

Let’s go to the menu in the upper right corner, the one with three dots. We came in Configuration. We go down to the end of everything and click on the link that says Show advanced settings. The configuration menu will automatically expand and new options will appear, among which are Privacy. We press Content settings and a pop-up window will open.


What we will have to look for here will be the settings of Flash, Location, Notifications, Microphone and Camera. We will have to make the decision to deactivate it or activate it all automatically. Keep in mind that if you activate everything, any website could be capturing the sound of your microphone and / or the image of your camera.

How to manually accept / decline requests

After configuring the option that automatically accepts or denies requests, we may be interested in manually accepting or declining one. It is the case, for example, that we have denied all and we want that WhatsApp in particular, and not another web application, can notify us when a message arrives.


This we can do in all the websites that we want and with all the permissions we want, not only with the notifications. This step is reversible, that is, we can deny permission when we want in the same way in which we have granted it.