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How to speed up extremely slow loading folders

How to speed up extremely slow loading folders

How to speed up extremely slow loading folders

Some folders on your computer take forever to load? The solution cannot be easier.

If something makes us desperate when we use computers and, in general, any mobile device, it is the loading timesToday, the power of most devices and good Internet connections allow us to enjoy content almost instantly.

However, to notice the difference, you just have to use a smartphone or PC from a few years ago, to see how much things have changed. Unfortunately, there are still slow devices today. What’s more, maybe on your brand new computer, with zillions of gigabytes of RAM and processor, there are folders that load strangely slow.

Has it happened to you ?, by any chance with the Downloads folder in particular? you are not the only one, and it has a solution.

Why do they take to load some folders?

For many versions of Windows, the File Browser Microsoft’s operating system has a folder customization system. That is, not all folders are the same because they are a folder, but we can indicate to Windows that a specific folder will be used to store photos and thus show and update the thumbnails constantly, or we can configure it as a folder for music, and adapt it to best display the audio files.

When this works well, it’s great, now when the automatic folder type detection system select a type that is not the one we actually use, the result is extremely slow load times.

Personally, this happens to me with Downloads folder, where absolutely all the files that I download from the Internet go. The point is that this folder is not exactly heavy, nor does it have thousands of files, however (and despite the fact that the computer is powerful) the time it takes to load is, by far, much longer than any other folder. The reason? Windows considers it a folder where images are saved.

The solution to speed up folders that load slow

The solution is to optimize the folder for the content it contains, and that is done very simply from the Properties of the folder itself.

Right-click any blank space in the folder and click Properties. In the upper tabs select Personalize.

There you will see the section What kind of folder do you want? In my case and as I imagined, the Downloads folder was optimized to show Images, so every time I entered, the system ran through all the files looking for thumbnails and updates.

It is enough to display the menu and select that optimize folder for General Items and also select the Apply to subfolders checkbox.

Solved by optimize the folder according to the type of content it will have, we eliminate annoying loading times. Of course, you should not always put General Elements, the ideal is to place the type of folder according to what we keep in it.

The folder load times They can vary from a few seconds (which take forever), to minutes if we are on a more limited computer, even blocking the File Explorer if we try to do another task during loading. Had it happened to you?