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How to save Netflix videos to SD card

How to save Netflix videos to SD card

How to save Netflix videos to SD card

Now that it allows you to download series and movies you can save Netflix content to the SD card. So you can save space on your device.

After some time waiting for this option and with rumors circulating, at the end of last month Netflix offline finally came true. A mode designed for all those users who want enjoy the platform in mobilitywithout spending data.

However, this effort to save data can end up filling the memory of your mobile. This trick to save Netflix content to SD card help maintain free space on your smartphone.

Save Netflix content to SD card

Note that this trick only works for Android, since iOS devices do not have an SD card slot, and the rest of the operating systems do not have Netflix offline. The first thing you have to do, logically, is download the content you want. Doing so is as easy as opening the Netflix page of the movie or series in question and hitting the download icon. Please note that a lot of content is not yet available for offline viewing.

Once you have downloaded the content, you will need a file explorer to move it to the SD card. If you don’t have one, ES File Explorer is very easy to use and works very well. In the browser, navigate to the routeAndroid / Data / / files / Download.

In that path you should find a .of folder, which is where all the downloaded content is saved. Simply cut that folder and put it on the SD card. In any case, it could be that the .of folder did not appear to you (as it has happened to me), in which case you can cut the Download folder directly.

Organizing and viewing content

Keep in mind that while the content is saved on the SD card, you will not be able to consume it on Netflix. When you want to see something, you will have to move it back to the original path. It’s a little cumbersome, yes, but it’s better than nothing. So we recommend a little trick to avoid having to move everything every time you want to see something, but only the content you are going to see.

First download a single series and create a folder on the SD card with its name. Then move the .of folder to the folder you created. Repeat the process as many times as you want to have all the series ordered in the SD and move what you want when you need it.