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How to right click even if the page prevents you

How to right click even if the page prevents you

How to right click even if the page prevents you

How to avoid that some websites prevent you use the right button to select text or save images.

This practice is no longer usually common, but we still continue to find it on some websites and surely you have ever seen yourself in the situation.

You arrive at an article or page and, when you click the right mouse button, it does not work or you skip a message informing that this action is disabled on said website. There is nothing that cannot be solved with a screenshot, of course, but this does not help us if we want to save part of the text or select some concepts.

Right click on websites that prevent it

Some websites do so because they believe that this will prevent content from being stolen or, at least, will make things more difficult for those who try, although in most cases it results in a nuisance for the reader, making web browsing uncomfortable.

The way to cut this from root would be to disable JavaScript from the browser, but in this way we would also limit the functionality of websites that use it for other topics, so let’s see other alternatives for specific cases.

Enable the right click on websites with a simple code

On the one hand, the fastest way to remove the lock that prevents us from right-clicking On websites it is with a simple code. Just copy the following in the address bar, just at the end of the web URL and press Enter.

javascript: void (document.oncontextmenu = null);

Quick and simple, although it is not a very friendly way for less experienced users. So let’s go to the ultra easy.

Extensions that allow us to right click on any website

If the above does not convince you because copying and pasting a code does not go with you, then try one of these browser extensions.


From Howtogeek they recommend the extension RightToCopy to Chrome, it’s free and does exactly that, henable right click and also eliminates possible ghost texts that appear when copying text (the classic Read more about that appears when pasting).

In Firefox We find the RightToClick extension and it does exactly the same as the previous one and, as alternatives there are also extensions that block all the scripts of a website like NoScripten Firefox and ScriptSafe in Chrome. Be careful with the use of these, because they may limit the functions of some websites.

Find us one web that doesn’t let us right click It is very annoying, but at least we can solve it in an easy way.