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How to remove web browser suggestions

How to remove web browser suggestions

How to remove web browser suggestions

We show you how to disable the suggestions of both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The suggestions are fine, but if we don’t look for them they can be a bit heavy. And more when they can play a bad past on us, as may be the case that we show you. Both Google Chrome and Firefox (of course Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge too) show automatic suggestions of websites that we have already visited.

To give you an example, if almost every day we tend to search for Facebook Messenger, the day that we search for only Facebook, it is most likely that the browser will play it for us and that we will end up looking for Facebook Messenger, something that at that moment we do not want. This is very common, especially if we use the Enter to searchWhat is uncomfortable? We can always click on backspace and delete the suggestion, but it’s still very messy.

How to remove suggestions from our preferred browser

Fortunately we can disable it, although it has its limitations. In Microsoft Edge, for example, we simply cannot, as well as we cannot do many other things (it has many limitations and many deficiencies). However, in Interent Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox s we can do it. But we will not eliminate it forever, if not every time we go to do the search there will be again.

The latter with nuances, because it is not quite like that. What really happens is that by using the specific key combination, we don’t disable the option, but we delete the suggestion history of that keyword. Following the line of the example from before, if we do it on the search for Facebook, it will simply not show us suggestions with that keyword again (until it identifies again, of course, that it is a habit).

Delete suggestions from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Delete search suggestions from Google Chrome

In both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox we will have to do it using the same method: with the key combination Shift + Delete. The first is usually on the left side, starting below, in the second position (above the button that puts Ctrl), although it may vary depending on the country, especially. The second key is almost always located in the upper right corner.

Delete suggestions from Internet Explorer


On the other hand, in Internet Explorer it is not easy to do. We will have to move with the mouse and click on the x that we see on the right side of the suggestion. It is, at the same time as impractical, awkward, because if we are doing a quick search we will have to divert our fingers from the keyboard to the mouse.

They are pretty simple tricks but at the same time they will help us a lot on a daily basis, because many people make the mistake of typing something, click on Enter, and without realizing it they are using the suggestions of their web browser. Ok, if the web browser has hit it is fine, but it is not usually the case.