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How to remove ads from Windows 10

How to remove ads from Windows 10

How to remove ads from Windows 10

If you are tired of your operating system having integrated advertising, you can disable it. So you can remove ads from Windows 10.

Among many new options, possibilities and better, Windows 10 brings by default something that users do not like at all: integrated advertising. Disguised under the name of ideas or suggestions, there are many advertisements in Windows 10.

Fortunately, removing ads from Windows 10 is easy in most cases, and you can do it from the system settings.

Remove Windows 10 ads on Start

remove advertising home

It is likely that sometimes you have found in the Start menu ads for you to install some program from the Windows app storeOr you may have even seen ads for 70s games that Microsoft wants to sell in their store in an attempt to compete with Steam.

Luckily, removing those ads is as easy as go to Configuration and navigate to Personalization> Home. There you will find an option of says: show suggestions occasionally on Start. Deactivate that option and you will not see the ads again.

It can also happen that some windows of the Start menu are anchored and are shortcuts to the store for you to install an application. Removing those ads is as easy as right-clicking and selecting unpin from start.

Turn off advertising on the lock screen


Windows has an option for the lock screen background called Featured Windows content. Thanks to it, the wallpaper changes automatically from time to time and shows some very nice images, but sometimes the wallpaper is advertising.

To never see that advertising again, you have to go like this Configuration and navigate to Personalization> Lock screen. Just below the preview you will see a dropdown menu; to remove the ads you have to replace the featured Windows content with an image or own presentation.

You can also uncheck Windows and Cortana’s Fun Facts, Tips, and more to remove any chance of finding ads.

Forget the advice

Under the name of tips, Microsoft hides what is actually advertising so that users can use their services, from Microsoft Edge to One Drive.

If you already know what applications you want to use and you don’t want to see the annoying Microsoft tips and tricks, you have to open Confiuration and navigate to System> Notifications and actions. Finally, disable getting tips, tricks and hints while using Windows.

Turn off Office advertising


Windows 10 has an application called Get Office whose only function is to send you periodically Notifications inviting you to try Office 365 with one month free. You can remove that advertisement by uninstalling the application from the Start or Cortana menu.

There are many other pre-installed applications that, while not actively advertising, are there and you will probably never use them. Among them are Candy Crush and Twitter for Windows. You can also uninstall them by right-clicking and selecting uninstall.

Leave Cortana still

Although it is not advertising itself, Cortana has a bad habit of trying to get your attention for you to use, automatically unfolding and displaying messages. If you simply want to turn to Cortana when you need it, and you don’t want it to try to get your attention, you can do it in the configuration tab that you will find at the bottom right when deploying Cortana. You just have to deactivate the suggestions option from the taskbar.