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How to reinstall Windows 10 to remove pre-installed bloatware

Why your webcam doesn't work since Windows 10 was updated, and how to fix it

Why your webcam doesn't work since Windows 10 was updated, and how to fix it

We tell you how to remove bloatware from Windows 10 thanks to a new functionality that the Anniversary Update brings.

We call those programs that come pre-installed in the system, and that the only thing they do is take up space because you are not going to use them in life; Even worse, in some cases they can pose a danger to our privacy by including rear doors or collecting information about the use we make of the device.

Unfortunately, many computer manufacturers and vendors have become accustomed to bundling this software by default, usually through financial or other agreements with the creators of the programs.

Bloatware, a big problem in Windows

If you do not like to find unwanted programs when you turn on your new computer, Microsoft still less. There was a time when it seemed that the Redmond were complicit in these practices, but since the release of Windows 10 they have clearly been against it.

Logically, these types of programs can seriously affect the user experience, and The last thing Microsoft wants is for us to install Windows 7 or Windows 8 because we think Windows 10 is bad. So Microsoft has launched a tool that allows us to return to leaving Windows 10 as if it had just been installed, removing bloatware and all unofficial programs.

The tool is available in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the big update released a couple of weeks ago, so if you haven’t updated yet you won’t find it. In this article we tell you how to force the update.

The options we have to reset Windows

windows reset computer 1

You may know of a functionality called Reset this device, you can easily find it by typing that in the start menu.

windows reset computer 2

A window will open offering us several options; The first, Reset this PC, allows us to leave Windows as it was when we bought the computer (or when we installed it for the first time. However, keep in mind that this functionality does not eliminate the bloatware that we have installed.

For that we have to completely reinstall Windows. From this window we have the possibility of reinstalling the equipment using a USB flash drive or a DVD, but if you don’t want to take these steps (download the iso image and burn it to a flash drive or a DVD), a new functionality available with the Anniversary Update will allow us reinstall Windows 10 easily.

How to remove bloatware from Windows 10 by reinstalling the system

windows reset computer 3

For this we have to go to this link and click on Download this tool.

Once we have downloaded it, we run it and a window will open in which we have to accept the use license. Next we will see two basic options.

If we choose the first option, all Windows 10 will be reinstalled from scratch, but your personal files will be preserved; The second option deletes absolutely everything from the system. Both options will leave the computer as if you had just bought it, but without all the bloatware or additional programs, with a clean Windows 10.

windows reset computer 4

Once you have chosen the option that best suits what you want, click Start and the program will automatically download the Windows 10 ISO and install it on your computer.

Download Windows 10 reinstallation tool