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How to regain control over Windows 10 updates

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How to regain control over Windows 10 updates

If you feel that the system does not leave you alone with each new patch that comes out, you will be interested to know how to control Windows 10 updates.

My position, and that of many security experts, is that whenever there is an update you should install it; the benefits far outweigh the possible problems it may cause you.

Furthermore, updates they have the gift of arriving at the worst moment; This is truer than ever on Windows. Although with Windows 10 a system was implemented that chooses the best time to restart and install the updates, it is far from perfect.

The result is that you have to be pressing buttons constantly so that Windows does not restart, that is if you catch them, of course.

The program to control Windows 10 updates

So when I saw that some media were talking about an app called Windows Update Disabler, I was very interested. This app allows us to disable Windows Update and enable it when we really want to update.


Windows Update Disabler does not work modifying the registry like most of this type of apps; instead it creates its own service within the system that is responsible for closing Windows Update every time it detects it in the system.

It is a somewhat crude solution, which also requires disabling all Update-related processes. but it works, right? Apparently yes, according to the media that talk about the app; I say that because I have not tried it.

There are some aspects of Windows Update Disabler that are suspicious to me; for example, its creator ensures that the program works using a system call that is not documented.


But what really made me doubt the app was that when I passed the executable by an antivirus and by VirusTotal, found references to Trojans. Be careful, false positives exist and this app can be safe; but with these data I cannot recommend it to Omicrono readers.

The option so that Windows 10 updates do not bother us

The good news is that you may not need this app. If you use the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows 10, Windows Update itself offers you to reduce the number of updates that you receive.


To do this, just open the start menu and open Settings; here you go to Update and security.


Then tap Advanced Options.


In this window, enable the Defer feature updates option; You can also change if you want other Microsoft applications to be updated with Windows.

The option you have activated is designed primarily for professionals who don’t want to constantly be dealing with updates. Only the most important security patches will be downloaded; Updates that offer new features like the Anniversary Update or the Creators Update will take longer to reach your computer.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 Home users do not have any official option to configure Windows Update.