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How to put bold, italic and strikethrough text on WhatsApp

How to put bold, italic and strikethrough text on WhatsApp

How to put bold, italic and strikethrough text on WhatsApp

Review of how to put bold, italics and how to cross text in WhatsApp, very useful functions to format texts while we write.

Just in March 2016 WhatsApp added the function that allows us to enrich the text with bold, italic and strikethrough. Since then we can stylize the text, but many people probably don’t even know there is such a feature. It is not difficult to use and we can do it both from Android, as well as we can do it from iOS.

Specifically Markdown is used, a format used in digital writing to enrich text. It is used, for example, by WordPress, one of the most famous content managers. We can’t do anything we can do at Markdown, as not everything is available, but we do know a few things.

How to make bold in WhatsApp


Bold is used to emphasize the text thanks to a thicker path in the text, although for this type of application, since text stylization did not exist until now, upper case letters were used. We just have to enter a * before and after the text that we want to stylize and when we send everything inside it will be darker.



Writing in italics is also very simple. We will have to put the text inside _, both at the beginning and at the end. Italic, also known as italic, is often used to paraphrase or put words in other languages.

How to cross out text


Crossing out text is somewhat more complicated, although it is still just as simple. Perhaps it may cost us more because we will have to locate the ~ key, which by not using it much may not even know where it is. This character is called a virguilla, and what it designates is negation, so it is ideal for this task. At the beginning of the text we will have to put ~ * and at the end * ~.

In the same sentence we can combine all stylizations. That is, we can write, for example, this text: This is a text in * bold *, _cursive_ and ~ * strikethrough * ~, which will show as This is a text in bold font, italics and strikethroughSo we don’t have to limit ourselves to one style per line.