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How to prevent Windows 10 from installing only on Windows 7 and 8

How to disable automatic updates from the Windows Store

How to disable automatic updates from the Windows Store

A simple change in the configuration will prevent Windows 10 from installing itself.

Microsoft has done it again. Perhaps out of desperation, or because he does not understand the market very well, he is trying to get Windows 10 into the computers of unsuspecting users who want to continue with their old operating systems.

Although Windows 10 is free and includes many interesting news, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are still perfectly usable, and for many users they are preferable and better. But this does not suit Microsoft, which wants to increase market share at all costs.

Microsoft keeps trying to get us Windows 10 as it can

Although that means enmity with its own users, apparently. In the last few days, the testimonies of people who have found Windows 10 on their computers without doing anything has increased worryingly, and the reason is in the way that Windows updates work.

Last October Microsoft cataloged Windows 10 as a recommended update, and by that time we already warned what this supposed: by default it will be downloaded and installed by itself, without the user doing anything.

Normally the important or recommended updates are those that affect our security and that we should install as quickly as possible, so it is convenient for the system to do everything automatically. Microsoft has taken many criticisms for taking advantage of an emergency system to put something that really is.

How to prevent Windows 10 from installing itself

Therefore, the method to deactivate this update is very simple. We just have to open the start menu or the start screen and look for Windows Update. On the screen that will open, click on Change settings.

This is where we can define how we want to treat important updates. In Important Updates we should choose Check for updates, but let me choose if I want to download and install them. In this way we will also prevent Windows 10 files from being downloaded and save space.

Finally, We check the Offer me recommended updates box in the same way that I receive important updates. that’s right down below.

Despite everything, Windows 10 may try to get into our computer again, and in Omicrono we have already reviewed some more drastic methods to avoid it.