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How to prevent Google from showing you ads based on your interests

How to prevent Google from showing you ads based on your interests

How to prevent Google from showing you ads based on your interests

Google knows a lot about us, and based on this it is also able to show the advertising of things we want to see.

Advertising is a great engine that moves the Internet, there are billions of users and, therefore, also potential customers. Yes, we already know that it is not always pleasant, but advertising makes content like this possible.

The publication also acts as a sneak, how many times have you come across advertising about topics or articles that you happen to be interested in? It’s not really a coincidence, obviously, Google takes advantage of the enormous information it knows about us to show us custom ads.

Ads based on your interests, Google allows you to disable them

Have you been looking for information about weddings? Right now you are probably seeing wedding dresses on Omicrono, and so on. After all it is normal, users are more likely to be interested in related advertising and in many cases can be useful.

However, there is a way to avoid seeing ads based on your interests, but still see ads. The truth is that Google gives us that possibility and explains the consequences.

From the wonderful control panel of our Google account (that great unknown) we can access the Personal Information and Privacy section. Here we see the option of Ad settings:

When entering we can enter the area to Manage the configuration of announcements:

ad settings

At the bottom of this page you will find the button to activate, or deactivate, the ads based on your interestsThis means that, when activated, Google will show you advertising about the searches you have made, the YouTube videos you have seen or the personal information of your account (sex, age).

On the other hand, disabling it does not imply that you are going to stop seeing advertising, but that the ads will be based on less relevant and general data, such as your location.

interest based ads

It’s that simple. In addition, from that same adjustment page you can configure specifically what topics you want to appear in the ads, which ones do not and, specifically, add new interests: