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How to open websites in the browser of any friend, by force

How to open websites in the browser of any friend, by force

How to open websites in the browser of any friend, by force

With Shove, an extension for Chrome, you can open tabs in your friends browser from your own computer.

Generally, when we want to show a website or an article to someone, we simply send the link to the page in question, either by mail, social networks, messenger or any other channel. However, this method may not be as practical if we need the receiver of the message see the web urgently, since we do not know how long it will take to see the message with the link.

To save you in those urgent moments, Shove was created, an extension for Chrome that allows share websites in a way faster and effective, but also more intrusive.

Send web pages to another browser with Shove

The operation of Shove is quite simple. When you use it for the first time, clicking on the icon in the address bar will invite you to register (registration is required for the extension to work). Once you are registered, you will see a list with your friends, and an icon to add new ones.

The process to send a website to a friend is very fast and simple; just click on a friend’s name in the list and, as long as they are online (with Chrome open), the page that is currently open in your browser will open in your browser, along with a message saying who has opened that page (as you can see in the image that heads this post).

To play pranks or as a good tool for sharing websites

It is certainly an extension very practical, although of very punctual use, but it has a very big problem that we hope to correct soon: it is enough for a person to include you in their list of friends so that you become one, without the need for you to accept anything, and consequently you will be able to open tabs in your browser.

While it is true that t you can delete whoever you want from your friends list, you have to use the extension with care, because it can become a channel to send adware to your computer if we don’t check our friends list.