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How to make the declaration of income online and everything you should take into account

How to make the declaration of income online and everything you should take into account

How to make the declaration of income online and everything you should take into account

The most feared moment (for many) of the year arrives: it is time to make the Income statement again. Today, Wednesday 5 begins the process to make the declaration of income 2016. We show you how.

This year, unlike the rest, we only have Renta Web, the new tool to make the declaration of income online. Therefore, the PADRE program is retiring and the only way to do it electronically is through this new website. Of course, you can also request an appointment to make the 2017 Income statement in person, although this cannot be until May 11, which is when the term opens.

For the correct preparation of the draft, the Tax Agency itself makes available to anyone who wants a simulator for this 2017 Income in which we can calculate the withholding. In EL ESPAOL they guide us a little regarding tax issues. We begin with the most important thing: when can the 2016/2017 income statement be made?

Key dates: April 5 to June 30


Knowing when the 2016/2017 income statement begins is important, but also there are other dates to consider. Here are all the important deadlines to keep them in mind at all times (remember that from today you can start making the requested draft):

  • From April 5, 2017 to June 30: electronic presentation of the 2016 Income draft.
  • From May 4, 2017 until June 29: possibility of making an appointment in person (they will not be granted until May 11).
  • From May 11, 2017 until June 30: start of face-to-face care for the preparation or modification of the draft.
  • June 26, 2017: Last day to domicile the payment (in case you have left to pay).
  • June 30, 2017: last day to enter without direct debit and to waive the refund (in case the income statement has been negative).

How to enter Renta Web 2016

The step of eliminating the PADRE program is due to the convenience of a web application compared to a traditional one: can be done from any web browser, either from a mobile or from a computer, and also, it is not necessary that we download or install anything. And not only that, but thanks to this system we can start the draft on a mobile phone, for example, and finish it on a desktop device.

Unlike last year, Income Web now that allows you to make the statement even obtaining income from economic activities, or what has been, autonomous (rather, it does not allow, but is the only telematic method). These are the steps that we will have to carry out to get to Renta Web:

  1. Enter the website of the Tax Agency.
  2. In outstanding campaigns, click on Income 2016.
  3. We look for the button that prays Draft / declaration processing service (Renta Web) and press it.
  4. A pop-up window will appear asking us the type of access. Here we have several options: electronic certificate or electronic ID; Cl @ ve PIN; with reference number (box 490 of the income from the previous year).

To request the draft of the 2016 income statement, we will have to enter the first link that we will find in the Available services, the one titled Draft / Declaration (Renta Web). A new tab will open.

Beware of scams

The National Police has already given the warning: the scammers are on parrot and are distributing Emails posing as AEAT. They ask to pay a monetary amount to a bank account, otherwise they will end up committing a crime and they will be fined. Of course this is all false.

The Tax Agency does not get in touch by email, but by mail. There are also scams that indicate that we must pay a monetary amount (for example, 100 euros) in order to access the total amount that is returned to us in the Rent. Another case, although less common, is the known phishing. They send us a link very similar to that of the original AEAT. If we enter our data, we will most likely end up without a single euro in the account.

How to make the declaration of income from the mobile