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How to make spacebar pause videos on Youtube?

How to make spacebar pause videos on Youtube?

How to make spacebar pause videos on Youtube?

We tell you how to make the spacebar pause the video on YouTube.

Keyboard shortcuts are the most useful tool to control our programs quickly and directly, without the need to move the mouse and search through elaborate menus.

If you learn them, you will be able to access the most hidden functions of any app with a single key, although most users only know the most typical shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts, a saving grace

For example, personally I use the space key a lot to pause the video in video players or music playersSince I usually have other things to do and I watch the videos little by little.

In most multimedia programs the space bar is the default key to pause the video, and if it is not normally it is easy to enter the configuration and change it; However, nowadays we see fewer and fewer videos downloaded to the hard drive, and much more streaming.

Although many streaming players allow you to use the space bar to pause, there is a big culprit that does not: YouTube. Try opening a YouTube video, and hit the space bar to pause it. You’ll seee instead the browser has gone down to the comments for some reason, and that the video continues playing above.

How to make spacebar pause video on Youtube

This is a huge hassle if, like me, you press the space key unconsciously every time you want to pause. When that happens, you have to take the mouse, go upstairs, pause the video by pressing the player button, and go back to where you were to continue. Why is this happening?

This happens because Youtube does not take control of our keyboard when playing a video, but leaves it to the browser. Browsers also have keyboard shortcuts, and in most of them the space bar serves the function of turning the page down, for example, to continue reading an article.

Instead of using keys that could already be taken by the browser and cause conflicts, Youtube prefers to use its own keyboard shortcuts To control the player, you play below:

  • K Pause and play
  • J Rewind 10 seconds
  • L Fast forward 10 seconds
  • M Silence
  • F Fullscreen
  • > Speed ​​up video
  • < Slow down video
  • Shift. + N Next video in the playlist
  • Shift + P Previous video in the playlist

As you see, we just have to use the K key to pause the video. However, this can be annoying if we are already used to the space bar. What can we do to change it?

Method 1 Focus or maximize the player

Actually, Youtube only follows its own keyboard shortcuts when we first open the video and don’t touch the player, because the user may want to use the browser shortcuts; things change if the user shows that he wants to use the player and not the web page.

So if we click on the Youtube player, it will stay focused, and from then on we can use the space bar to pause the video. The same happens if we put the player in full screen.

When the player is focused or maximized, we will have access to new keyboard shortcuts, in addition to all the previous ones:

  • K or Space Bar Pause and play
  • Left key Rewind 5 seconds
  • Right key Advance 5 seconds
  • Up key Increase the volume by 5%
  • Down key Lower the volume by 5%
  • C Subtitles
  • B Change the style of the subtitles
  • + or = Increase the font size of the subtitles
  • or _ Decrease the font size of the subtitles
  • F or Esc Exit full screen mode
  • Start or 0 Go to the beginning of the video
  • The end Go to the end of the video
  • 1 to 9 Jump to the different parts of the video.

Method 2 Install an extension

Now what happens if I don’t want to press the player every time I open a video so that the space bar works the way I want? Well in that case there is an extension that will allow us to use the space bar to pause on YouTube without having to do anything.

It’s appropriately called Youtube Pause, and it’s one of those extensions so simple that it has no configuration menu. As soon as it is installed it will start working, and from then on you will be able to pause videos using space as usual. Unfortunately it is only available for Chrome.

Download Youtube Pause