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How to make Cortana activate with the name we want

How to make Cortana activate with the name we want

How to make Cortana activate with the name we want

With MyCortana you can change the Cortana command with which you activate listening, as well as its name.

Virtual assistants are one of the services that the largest companies in the world of technology (Apple, Google and Microsoft) are strengthening to attract consumers. Apple and Micorosft, moreover, are trying to give those attendees a human character to normalize the interaction with them.

However, that attempt to establish a more human interaction is sometimes hampered by such a silly detail as the name or the preset way of calling the assistant. Especially if the command used to call the wizard is not integrated into your colloquial language.

Change Cortana command with MyCortana

To change the command with which you call Cortana, you only have to install MyCortana and configure it quickly.

Once you have installed the application, you have to go to the configuration section (settings, top right) and you will find a list with the commandsadded to call Cortana. The application adds two default commands: Hey start listening and Hey stop listening.

To add another command you have to click on the ms button and write the command you want. In this way, you can change both the way of addressing the assistant and the name with which you do it. You can remove the added commands by selecting them and clicking the minus button.

Finally, make sure that in the configuration section you select the optionRun at Startup so that the application starts with the computer and the established commands are always active.

Download MyCortana here

Remember that Cortana does not work with Windows applications, you can also use Microsoft’s intelligent assistant third-party services: