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How to lock images in the browser to speed up browsing and save data

How to lock images in the browser to speed up browsing and save data

How to lock images in the browser to speed up browsing and save data

We teach you to disable loading images in Chrome, Firefox and Opera to speed up browsing and / or consume less data.

The usual thing is that when we surf the Internet we do it completely, that is, without block items in navigation, enjoying videos, images and other resources that make the experience more attractive.

We do this because it is also common that when we are at home or in a coffee machine, we connect to a WiFi network or Internet line in which the data we consume does not matter.

Speed ​​up browsing and save data by locking images

However, there are few of the year in which we pulled more than mobile connection, sharing our data rate from the smartphone with the computer / laptop, and it is not a matter of wasting megabytes because we will melt it in just a few days.

Without a doubt, one of the elements of the Web that more data consumes They are the images, depending on the quantity and their quality, we can get a lot of data just by loading an entire page in desktop mode, so sometimes it can be very interesting to lock the images in the browser.

Yes, you will not see things in such an attractive way, but if you go just data or the connection speed is very slow help you.

How to disable images in Chrome

At google browser We find the option to lock the images during integrated navigation in the program’s own settings.

chrome images disable

Enter the Configuration, click on Show advanced configuration and in the Privacy section you will see the button Content settings. There you can activate the option Show no image Or, if you want to add specific exceptions for websites where you want (or not) that photos and images appear.

Lock images in Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox The possibility of deactivating or blocking the default images from the configuration menu has been eliminated, however we have a solution if we rummage a bit or if we use a plugin directly.

To disable loading images in Firefox, go to about: config, and look for the option permissions.default.image. With the value 1 load all the images, with the value 2 not load any.

The other option is to install the complement Image Block, simple, free and direct.

Disable images in Opera

As in Chrome, it is very easy disable images in opera for faster browsing.

Just go to the browser settings, access the Websites section and there you will see the Images section, with the same options to add exceptions if you want.

This is very useful for those occasions when the Internet connection is extremely slow and also if you want to save data for those cases where there is a WiFi zone created from your smartphone or sharing with someone else.