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How to limit the battery charge on your Windows laptop

How to limit the battery charge on your Windows laptop

How to limit the battery charge on your Windows laptop

With Battery Limiter you can limit the charge of the battery of your Windows laptop in the percentage that you want.

It is likely that you are not very satisfied with the duration of the battery of your Windows laptop, many times the batteries of the laptops are in themselves somewhat poor, but the thing gets much worse with the wear and tear of the battery with use. But if you try to squeeze the battery to the maximum, the results will improve a lot.

A trick to improve the life of your battery is prevent it from overloading, for which you must unplug the computer from a certain load level.

Limit battery charge with Battery Limiter

Battery Limiter is a simple program designed so that avoid overcharging your battery. When reaching a certain load level, which by default is 90%, although you can modify it from a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 93% (on the app’s website it says that the maximum is 96%, but at least in my case I have not been able to set a limit higher than 93%), start to sound an annoying alarm to remind you to disconnect the charger.

The program also has a approximation of battery life, although in my experience it has not been very accurate, and has calculated an hour and a half more than the actual result. Perhaps with use these approaches will be fine-tuned.

Did you manage to increase the battery life of your laptop with this trick? Do the approximations of duration work correctly on your computer?

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