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How to know what type of font is used in an image, text or logo

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How to know what type of font is used in an image, text or logo

Discover which typeface you like so much with these tools font recognition.

The font is everything, a typeface or another completely change the aesthetics of a text, its perspective and the target audience. Let’s not talk about the role that the font plays in a logo.

Typography is key and we can spend a lot of time searching and selecting from the enormous ocean of sources that are in the Network, however sometimes we see on the Internet a text or logo that attracts our attention, How to find out what type of font it is?

Discover what font is that you like so much


You are not alone, someone at some point in history was in the same situation and for this the font recognition tools.You do not have to install anything on your computer or your mobile, you can do everything from the browser with the following websites.

How do they work? Very simple, these websites are capable of identify a font simply analyzing an image in which a typeface appears. We just have to upload that image which (if possible) should have a good resolution and a remarkable contrast between the background color and the font.

Thus, the website analyzes the edges and finishes of each letter, the separation between characters, the thickness and other parameters that help you identify the type of letter, resulting in a series of fonts, eitherjust the one we were looking for or alternatives very very similar.

What font is? Recognizes all types of fonts and typefaces

There are many websites of this type, but the one I use the most when I need something like this is What font is:

What Font Is

It does exactly what I was saying before, it is free and we don’t need to register to use it. It is enough to upload an image with text that we have on our PC or attach a link (if the image were uploaded somewhere).

Once it has been uploaded, it asks us to manually identify each letter, so you we facilitate the work to the system and we cleared all doubts as to whether one of the characters was confusing.

Finally, we will see the list of results and this is where the business of this type of pages comes into play, which from somewhere they have to eat. Among the sources most similar to ours there are some for payment (offering us directly the possibility of buying them) and others free and free to use, which we can also download directly from the links they provide.

Done, we only have to download and install the font on our computer to be able to use it in any program, be it Word, Photoshop or any other.

In the case of What Font Is, its extension for the browser (Chrome and Firefox) is also interesting, which allows images with text to be sent directly to the source analysis.

As an alternative, the web MyFont It also has a font recognition tool that works quite well:

WhatTheFont on MyFonts

The operation is traced and, again, at the end of the process they offer us sources that we can buy and free alternatives.

Google Fonts, the search engine for free search engine fonts

If you are looking for free fonts, a few months ago I completely renewed Google Fonts, they have a large database with fonts through which we can navigate, view sample texts to see how what we want will look like, and, of course, download them.

The world of typography is wonderful and a good font changes everything, although of course it always depends on the type of project. invention like this, capable of recognizing fonts and colors in the real world, I will throw my money against the screen:

We always stay Comic Sans.