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How to know if your iPhone can be used by someone else if it is stolen

How to know if your iPhone can be used by someone else if it is stolen

How to know if your iPhone can be used by someone else if it is stolen

Apple devices are connected to each other with iCloud; the company ecosystem that stores our data in the cloud, making it possible for data to go from one device to another effortlessly, or that we can retrieve our data on a new device just by entering our user account.

Apple takes advantage of the iCloud name to encompass different services, and one of them is locate our devices in case of theft or loss, a very useful function if you have had the misfortune to be in one of those troubles. But did you know that iCloud can also tell us if an iPhone is locked so that it cannot be used with other accounts?

What is activation lock?


Apple devices have a pretty handy feature called Activation lock, a setting that prevents another person from using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch in the event of theft or loss. The activation lock is activated when we activate Find my iPhone on the device in question, we do not have to do anything else on our part, and this process links the device’s serial number to our Apple ID.

In this way, and if our phone is lost or stolen, It will only be able to be used again if our Apple ID is entered, will not accept any other.If someone tries to delete our ID and enter their own, they will encounter a user error, preventing them from using the device and protecting our possession from this unauthorized use.

How can I know if an iPhone is locked?


Apple allows anyone to check the status of a device in its database through a web page; we just have to know the IMEI or serial number to do it.

  • Activation Lock on iCloud

Once we enter this data and send it, the Apple page will show us corresponding model that serial number or IMEI, the activation lock status, and the exact date in which we have used the service. If the activation lock is activated, we will need the iCloud account of the original owner before we can do anything with the phone. If the activation lock is deactivated, we can enter our account without further problems.

It is important to check the activation lock when we are buying a second-hand Apple device, or they give us an iPhone without further explanation, to know that we will not have problems when trying to use it with our account. Also, if you plan to sell your Apple mobile or tablet, try to leave this lock disabled so that the future owner has no problems.