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How to know if the emails you send have been opened

How to know if the emails you send have been opened

How to know if the emails you send have been opened

What if the double WhatsApp check is integrated in the email? That’s just what you can get with Mailtrack, an extension that will tell you when have the emails been read what you pack.

No matter how many messaging apps and new communication platforms emerge and want to kill email, email remains a critical communication channel used by billions of people on a daily basis.

E-mail allows a temporarily independent communication, that is, that the parts of the conversation do not have to coincide, it is an asynchronous communication. However, the Mailtrack extension allows us to bring to email the level of control that we have become accustomed to on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Double WhatsApp check, but in the email

Mailtrack is not a new extension, it has been working for years and its creators are Spanish. In essence, what Mailtrack allows us is to know when have they opened the emails we have sent, does how much time, how many times and even from what device.

It is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera and when we install it we will see how a double check symbol appears next to the emails sent from your GMail account, Google mail. Also, support with Google Inbox has recently been added.

This tracking and everything said above is completely free with Mailtrack Basic, however this free version will add a signature to our emails indicating Sent with Mailtrack. Now, for more advanced users or those who require a higher level of control, there is the Pro version.

Is this level of control necessary?

It has a cost of 4 / month, removes the signature, reports in real time when the emails have been read, there are link tracking and much more. You can find all the details on their website.

However, Is this level of control necessary also in email? If we talk about marketing campaigns, it can be interesting to know openings and others (although most mass mail services already include this), however, among private users we seem to want to achieve obsessive control.

As we said at the beginning, the email is asynchronous, and I can open your email as many times as I want before answering you. That does not mean that I do not want to answer you, yes, or perhaps it is that you have not caught me at a good time, but in any case, do not come asking for explanations or haste. Or directly do not use a solution like Mailtrack.