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How to know if someone is stealing your WiFi

How to know if someone is stealing your WiFi

How to know if someone is stealing your WiFi

Do you suspect that there is someone connected to your network? We teach you to discover it.

Cables have lagged behind when it comes to domestic transmissions, and along with the rise of portable devices, wireless connections are the order of the day. WiFi to connect to the Internet, Bluetooth to talk to the Internet of Things and this has made these wireless connections have to be made more and more secure, an essential requirement if we want to use them.

The problem is that there are many friends of others who, despite protecting our connections properly, take advantage of failures to sneak into our WiFi connections. Something that already touches your nose, you are the one who is paying the connection and it is being stolen, but on top of that the cocoon will go over the line and dedicate itself to saturating the line with discharges.

We do not give you any idea about using honeypots since they are illegal, even though it is your connection, but we do tell you ways to find out if someone strange is connected to your WiFi network, in addition to methods to cut it and prevent someone from stealing your WiFi.

How to find out if someone steals your WiFi

To discover if someone is stealing WiFi from us, we must first know what devices are connected to the network. Before this was a complicated and somewhat tedious process, but now anyone can do it with the help of a simple application. Here we recommend Fing, but there are many other applications that do the same.

Once we have the application installed, all we have to do is let it scan our network and tell us what devices are connected. If it finds some device that you don’t recognize or if you can’t locate, then you have reason to become suspicious.

Version: 5.0.4


Requires Android 4.1 and higher versions

How to kick whoever is stealing my WiFi

To kick out those undesirables who steal our connection, theirs is better protect our connection: Here are several steps to secure your WiFi network.

  • First of all is change the password and network name. Make sure it is a secure key and that the encryption is WPA2.
  • If your router has WPS, disable it immediately; it is a feature that has proven to be a security hole.
  • For a greater degree of security, write down the MAC addresses of your devices and enter them in the white list of your router; Only those devices can connect to the network even if the password is known.