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How to install Windows on a hard drive without using USB memory or DVD

How to install Windows on a hard drive without using USB memory or DVD

How to install Windows on a hard drive without using USB memory or DVD

WinToHDD is a program that allows us to install Windows without DVD or USB, directly on the hard disk.

If you need to format the system and reinstall Windows, you have several options. Microsoft makes the ISO images of various versions of Windows available to all users, so we only have to download the one we want, as long as we have an appropriate license, of course (if we have a Windows 7 license, we cannot install Windows 8, but it is Windows 10, for example).

The problem comes when transferring that ISO image to a format that we can use; normally we have two options, burn the image to a DVD, or a USB memory if the computer is modern and supports USB booting. In most cases, those two options are sufficient.

The program to install Windows without DVD

But suppose for whatever reason, you cannot use either method. The computer doesn’t have a DVD player, or you have a DVD burner to burn the ISO, or you don’t have access to a USB memory, or you just don’t want complications and you don’t want to do any of the above.

WinToHDD is a new program that can help you in that case. This program allows us to install Windows directly on a hard disk from an ISO image, without the need to record it anywhere.

When we install it and start it for the first time, we will have access to the three main functionalities of the program:

Reinstall Windows

This function allows us reinstall Windows on the computer we are using, ideal if we want to leave the system as it was at the beginning. We just need to tell the program where the Windows ISO image we have downloaded is, and check the version or architecture (x86 or 64 bit).

The program will distribute the necessary partitions on our hard disk automatically, although we can select the drive to format. It is important to emphasize that once we click on Next or Next on this screen, we will lose the data that we have on the disk, so it is better to make a backup before.

Once everything is ready, click Next and after a while the program will ask you for permission to restart the computer and complete the installation of Windows.

New Windows installation

This is the option we have to choose if we want install Windows on a different hard drive than the one we are using right now.

The process is very similar to reinstalling Windows, we just have to choose the new hard drive. That is, when we restart the computer for the first time we will have to configure the BIOS boot order to boot from the new installation Windows so you can finish the process.

Clone Windows installation

This option can be very useful if we only want transfer the system we are using to another storage unit. For example, if we want to change from a hard drive to an SSD.

This function will first analyze the installed system, and then we can choose the disk on which the system will be transferred. Otherwise, the process is identical to the rest and we will also have to change the BIOS boot to access it from the cloned disk.

As you can see, WinToHDD is a program that can be very useful to us in many circumstances, but with which it is not recommended to play because we can lose our Windows installation if we do something wrong.

WinToHDD is free for non-commercial uses.

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