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How to install new applications on old versions of iOS

How to install new applications on old versions of iOS

How to install new applications on old versions of iOS

Installing applications on Apple devices with old versions of iOS can be hell, but we want to help you out by explaining how it is done.

Apple usually does a good job when it comes to updates, trying to update as many devices as possible when they present a new version of iOS, but devices inevitably end up falling behind. This does not mean that we have to stop using them and go running for a new one, they are still functional even if they do not have an update, but the truth is that this detail makes our life a little more difficult.

Each new version of the operating system introduces new possibilities for developers to make their applications, code and elements that are not compatible with previous versions of iOS. This makes new applications, and updates to old applications, stop being compatible with previous versions of iOS, although there is a solution to this problem.

What happens to applications for old versions?


The App Store takes into account that devices with old versions of iOS continue to access, and therefore records what is the latest supported version of an application for each older version. For example, if you access a device with iOS 5 and the application has an old compatible version, the App Store will give us that version after notifying us. We will be missing features that the more advanced versions will have in comparison, or we will not be able to download the latest fashion application because we do not have old versions, but that is better than nothing.

The problem is that it is not as simple as trying to install the application without further ado, because the App Store will only give us that possibility when that application is in our history of purchases / downloads. That is, if you have not downloaded the application before, when the application was available without problems for your device, it will not let you do so. Yes, it is nonsense that you can check yourself on the Apple help page.

How can I download apps that I have not downloaded before?


To solve this problem you can use two solutions:

  • Use a device with the latest version and your Apple ID, and install the current application without further headaches.
  • Use iTunes to search for the application in the App Store and download it to the Mac or PC.

By doing either of these two things Add the application to your download or purchase history, and we enable the possibility of installing old versions of the application.