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How to insert photos from Google Photos on any website

How to insert photos from Google Photos on any website

How to insert photos from Google Photos on any website

Google Photos It is a fantastic and free service to store all our photographs and images without limit, but by default we cannot insert them on any website. We are going to solve it.

The amount of photography that we take and store throughout our lives is tremendous. We take photos with different devices and Google set out to create the total and final solution. For many, Google Photos is the ideal option to organize all your memories and the truth is that it works great.

Our devices sync automatically, no storage limit keeping a very good quality (up to 16MP), we can upload all the videos in 1080p that we want and all under our Google account.

So you can insert images from Google Photos

At the same time, Google’s artificial intelligence and image recognition system make the Photo search engine tremendously powerful. We can share public links from photos and albums, but there is one thing we are missing: be able to insert posts.

If you want to share a photo or an album stored in Google Photos, you have to do it with a link, which is not the most aesthetic. On the other hand, in services such as Flickr or Imgur we have the option to generate an insert code, so if I want share something, I place it here and voila, without having to re-upload the image to another platform.

Now you can insert photos from Google Photos in any web, generating an embed code, thanks to this free tool created by the people of CRTLQ:

Generate embed code for Google photos

To insert a Google Photo, we simply enter it and click on the share icon at the top right. There we will see the option of Get link, we copy and paste it on the CRTLQ website.

Embed code from Google Photos

After a few seconds, the website will return both the HTML insertion code as a direct link (which doesn’t make much sense because we have Google’s for that);

And this is the result:

As you can see the photo is not shown at full width, but we can click on it To see it in full size on the Google Photos website, the procedure is same for albums full, but you will not be able to browse them on the web where they are inserted, but only the cover will be shown.