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How to improve your security using a pendrive

How to improve your security using a pendrive

How to improve your security using a pendrive

So you can improve your security with flash drives to keep your data safe anywhere. If you do not take care of this security, your files could end up in the hands of anyone.

On a flash drive we can carry our most important documents, our photos or any other sensitive file. We take them from one place to another and with their small size, we can lose them at any time. And yet, we often neglect their safety.

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if you lost a flash drive on the street with secret information about your company or private affairs and fell into the wrong hands? With these tricks you will improve security with USB sticks and protect your data that you carry from one place to another.

Use an encrypted partition

This is the most basic security measure when using a flash drive. To keep your data protected, the most important step is to encrypt it so that it can only be accessed with a password. Otherwise, anyone with physical access to the storage drive could see all the files.

Although some USB sticks already come with an encrypted partition configured, they are a minority. In most cases you will have to create it yourself. For this you can use tools like Rohos (Windows) or GnuGP (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Carry a computer in your pocket

If you are used to using computers from others or from common spaces, you may not like leaving your security covered by the measures that the owner of that computer has put in place. That is why it is better to take a copy of your operating system configured by you ready to connect it to any computer.

There are many Linux distros that can be installed on a USB, among which are ElementaryOS and Puppy Linux (ideal to be able to work on any computer, even if it is old or not very powerful). If you prefer, Windows can also be converted to a laptop and entered into a USB with Windows To Go.

Keep a backup of your most important files

Making a complete backup of all your files is always important. But if there are a series of files that you can not do without, making an extraordinary copy that you can also always carry with you is a good idea. And for this there is no better device than a pendrive.

Use a flash drive as your computer key

Normally, the most basic way to protect a computer is with a pin or a password. But if you don’t feel completely comfortable with this method, you can use a USB as the physical key of your computer. Enter it into the computer and it automatically unlocks.

If you are going to use this method, that is, it has to be something secret. Otherwise, anyone could access your computer if the pendrive in question falls into their hands.

To give this functionality to a pendrive on a computer you can use Predator for Windows and USB Locker for Mac.