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How to improve your Linkedin profile with a professional portfolio

portafolio profesional linkedin

What are professional Linkedin portfolios and how to use them

In recent months, Linkedin launched functionalities to enrich user profiles with all kinds of multimedia content (images, video, audio, documents, presentations, etc.), loading it from the PC or simply indicating the URL of the material provided in any of the hundred External services compatible with Linkedin. The idea is that, in addition to being a site to establish professional networks and obtain the contact information and resume of specific users, you could directly and visually access each other’s professional portfolio without leaving Linkedin.

Well, these functionalities to publish the professional portfolio are available to everyone. To take advantage of them, just go to the profile on Linkedin, click on the Edit button next to the profile image, and then go to the bottom of the sections Abstract, Experience and Education. In each of them a box will appear to upload the respective material, again, locally or from a URL of other services. And that’s it, after loading the material that can also be used to enrich already published data (by means of the button indicated by the red arrow), it can even be viewed interactively and elegantly just by clicking on it.

Of course, although it is essentially something simple, knowing how to use the increase in range (engagement), visits and contact requests to the profile are more than guaranteed. On the subject, in SocialMediaExaminer they have written a complete article with 6 basic tips for optimizing portfolios on Linkedin that we translate and summarize here to complement the latest infographic with 17 tips to optimize the Linkedin profile that we also share. Here they are:

1. Show yourself on video to make yourself known

A brief video description of your work, services, achievements, goals and other highlights of your professional life, can generate more interest in the public when combined with the human side that only the video can show. It may be more effective to take advantage of this brilliant medium in areas where communication skills are key, however its effectiveness in other fields can be tested by following some tips recording and the always useful call to action (click to watch video).

2. Embed SlideShare, Prezi and / or Scribd Presentations

Make use of your most colorful and striking slide shows to show the fruit of previous work, your portfolio of services or relevant industry data. If you have them on SlideShare, Prezi or Scribd much better since, in addition to having an external storage and display space, Linkedin will facilitate their interactivity within the profile thanks to its compatibility.

3. Visually highlight your achievements and awards won

If you have won awards and other great achievements (for example, a best-seller or being in rankings high level), do not hesitate to highlight them within your profile, much better if they are accompanied by a URL and / or a striking badge that gives them more credit (the event logo, a photo, a screenshot, etc.).

4. Enrich your profile with photos and other images

It is not about publishing photos with dozens of filters to Instagram, but simply enriching the portfolio with striking photos that appeal to the feelings of those who can see them. It’s a no brainer for photographers and design creatives, but others can also capitalize on it even with content from other authors (of course highlighting the proper author) that encourages discussion, also favored in the Linkedin comment system.

5. Use photos and screenshots to show yourself in battle

Again, share photos and screenshots of the most recent events in which you have been able to participate as an exhibitor, presenter and even organizer. You can also publicize your group and physical workplace during business hours, or more screenshots of your digital work.

6. Share the link of rich articles in the visual part

Finally try to publish the link to your articles on websites or other writings that are not your own but whose content is quite striking and useful for colleagues and contacts with common work areas. Linkedin recognizes the links and automatically take the main image of the article in addition to the title and description. If you don’t like the image that appears, just go through the long process: upload an image, give it a title, and post the corresponding URL in the description.

Other details to consider for your portfolio on Linkedin

It is worth bearing in mind that each file uploaded from the PC can only take up to 100 MB, an irrelevant detail if you leave the task to YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare, Twitpic,, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Prezi, Issuu, Kickstarter and the rest of the hundred compatible services. Likewise, all the items created can be reordered, edited and deleted at any time. Lastly, there is no need to recommend calls to action that encourage clicking on each new box added.