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How to improve Ubuntu performance with its new graphics mode

How to improve Ubuntu performance with its new graphics mode

How to improve Ubuntu performance with its new graphics mode

If you have a modest team, you can now disable graphic effects in Ubuntu.

By now, any Linux desktop environment has graphics effects comparable to Windows or macOS; They are modern desks where the effects help and are not a distraction.

Ubuntu gets a mode for modest teams

However, not all users will be happy with these effects. Specifically, if we have an old computer, or if we are using Linux on a virtual machine, lEffects can suck up valuable resources. You may not even like the effects, period.

Be that as it may, there is almost always an option to disable them; except in Ubuntu, where the Unity desktop has generally been the same. There was a time when there was a 2D version of Unity, but the latest versions of Ubuntu no longer include it.

If you wanted to use Ubuntu without stationery, you had to use another desktop environment. Fortunately, with the latest updates A new low graphics mode has come in Ubuntu.

The new mode is available starting with Ubuntu 16.04, but only if you have installed all the updates so far; Either that or you have installed Ubuntu 16.04.1, of course. Also works on Ubuntu 16.10.

How to disable graphic effects in Ubuntu

First of all, you have to install Compiz configuration manager, which handles the graphic effects. You can find it in Ubuntu Software by looking for compiz in the search bar and installing CompizConfig Settings Manager.

You can also just type the following command in a terminal.

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Once the installation is complete, you can find the program by searching for compiz. Once the manager is open, click on Ubuntu Unity Plugin in the Desktop section.

In the General tab, activate the option Enable Low Graphics Mode.

As soon as you activate this option you should notice the difference; The screen may flicker, or cause a graphic error.

But when it finishes the heavier effects will have been disabled or replaced by simpler ones. For example, Unity bar and search engine lose transparency effect. You should also notice an immediate improvement in performance.