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How to have Windows 7 and Windows 10 installed at the same time

Thoroughly clean your PC with this utility to remove programs and their residues

Thoroughly clean your PC with this utility to remove programs and their residues

If you want to have the latest version of the Microsoft system, but do not want to give up the old ones, we show you how you can haveWindows 7 and Windows 10 installed at the same time.

Somewhat advanced computer users know well that may have more than one operating system installed on your computer; We can have all the operating systems that we want installed, and boot with one or the other as we need, as long as we have space on the hard disk to create each partition. And with the virtual machines, the possibilities expand, although that is another story.

It is also not uncommon to have several versions of Windows installed on the same computer; Testing programs and games in different versions, having a more stable system for some tasks and an experimental system for testing other things can be interesting for whatever reason. And there’s no reason to upload your version of Windows 7 (or Windows 8) when you upgrade to Windows 10: you can keep both versions at the same time.

You can have Windows 7 and Windows 10 on your computer

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade system is made with the intention that we won’t go back; use our Windows installation and go above. Yes, it can be reversed, but the intention in Redmond is that we do not do it and only use Windows 10. Something that not all users want to do, and it is logical, as we have told you before.

To use Windows 7 and Windows 10 at the same timewe will need to have an original Windows 7 license already purchased, we are not worth a license that came with the computer and that we have already used to upgrade to Windows 10. The steps to follow are the following:

  • Create a partition to reinstall Windows 7
  • Download Windows 7 from this Microsoft page (you will need the key to download it from there)
  • Run the Windows 7 installer and ask to install on the partition we just created, NOT above the version of Windows already installed
    • To do this we have to select a custom installation, not by default
  • Wait a long time for the installer to do its magic

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Once everything is complete, Windows 10 ask us every time we start the computer: if we want to boot with Windows 10, or if we want to boot with the previous version of Windows. If we do not select any option to start automatically with Windows 10, being able to configure them seconds that we want to wait.


What other options do I have?

The other options to follow are so simple Hurts: We can upgrade to Windows 10 without looking back, or we can stay on Windows 7 and ignore the upgrade, ignoring the hundreds of Microsoft attempts begging us to update. In any case you have options as always; What are you staying with?