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How to get the transparent taskbar in Windows 10

How to get the transparent taskbar in Windows 10

How to get the transparent taskbar in Windows 10

A new open source program allows us to get the transparent taskbar in Windows 10.

When Windows 10 was officially presented, the first thing that came to mind for some was thankfully that the visual style changes. Ever since Windows Vista tried something different with Aero, Windows has been somewhat lost in style.

Transparent style is something you either love or hate; but it is also that the implementation of transparencies in Windows was not the best, with that glass texture. In contrast, Windows 10 is very clean perhaps too much.

In search of the perfect transparent taskbar

In Windows 10 it is possible to get a transparent taskbar, but the truth is that transparency itself is minimal.

If we concentrate we can see a little of the wallpaper, but depending on the image we will not see any transparency.

If you missed Windows 8 transparencies, or even want a completely transparent bar, you’re in luck; a new program called TranslucentTB allows us to achieve this.

How to get the transparent taskbar in Windows 10

Don’t worry, this is not like those customization programs that littered our system;TranslucentTB is open source and weighs just 2 MB. And only with that does it achieve a degree of personalization that will please everyone.

The operation could not be easier; We download the compressed file, extract it and open the executable. Immediately our taskbar will receive the effect, and we will have a new icon.

We can change the style of the transparency from this icon.

The Blur option is the default option and adds a blur effect to the bar. The Clear version instead is completely transparent.

But the true potential of the app comes when we use it from the terminal. To do this, go to the folder where the program is and click on File and Open command prompt.

Now you can open the program by typing translucenttb.exe; at the end of the command, you can add these parameters:

  • translucenttb.exe blur achieves the same blur effect.
  • translucenttb.exe opaque tint COLOR. This makes the bar opaque and has the color that we define; we have to replace COLOR by the hexadecimal code of the color. We can find the list on this page. For example, translucenttb.exe opaque tintCCCCCC to get a girs color. BEWARE, this functionality can cause annoying flickering (or at least it has happened to me).
  • translucenttb.exe transparent to achieve the transparent effect.

In short, this is a utility that still has a bit of development ahead of it; but with which we can get a transparent bar in Windows 10 without many complications.