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How to free up space on your storage drive in Windows

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How to free up space on your storage drive in Windows

As large as your storage unit is, it always seems like you’re running low on space. These are the best ways to free up hard drive space.

Files are getting heavier. Images and videos are getting higher resolution, audio is getting heavier, programs are getting heavier and more and more people are running out of space on their computer’s storage unit.

Although the storage units are getting more and more capacity, nothing seems to be enough. The best thing to do is to free up space on your hard drive.

Use Windows space liberator

Windows has a tool that locate unnecessary files and delete them. To access it, just searchDisk Cleanupand open the program. The liberator will scan the disk partition of your choice and give you a report of how much space it can eliminate.

Then you can choose which files you really want to delete, including files from the recycle bin, Temporary files Thumbnails and crash dump files that have not been used in more than a week.

Uninstall heavy programs

programs and characteristics

It is likely that you have many programs that you installed and after a certain time you stopped using. And maybe some of those programs are heavy and are eating up your hard drive space. To make a quick cleanup of programs, you have the program and features window in the control panel (Control panel> Programs> Programs and features).

In that window you will find a list with all your programs and, among other things, information about their weight. So you can consider whether or not it is worth keeping them installed. To uninstall a program, just right-click on it and select uninstall.

Find out what occupies the space of your unit

The first step to free up space on your storage drive is to discover what is taking up the space. There are programs like WinDirStat that visually show you which folders and files are taking up the most space.

Try to erase everything unnecessary from the folders they occupy the most. But be aware, make sure you don’t delete any files important to the system’s operation.

Find duplicate files

You are likely to save more to your computer duplicate files than you can imagine. Sometimes you unintentionally download the same file twice, other times you copy it from another folder and forget to delete it from the original. The thing is, you may be wasting considerable space on duplicate files.

There are many programs to locate and remove duplicate files. VisiPics is a great free option, and if you are willing to pay a little, Duplicate Cleaner Pro offers you several interesting possibilities, showing the levels of similarity between files.

If after trying all these tricks you still have no space in your storage drive, you have two options. One is to choose to format the hard drive and save only what is truly essential. The other is to buy a new storage unit with more capacity or an external drive to pass some of the data there.