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How to free up all the RAM Chrome is swallowing

How to free up all the RAM Chrome is swallowing

Tricks for Google Chrome to consume less RAM

So you can restart browser to release all the RAM Chrome is consuming or to apply configuration changes.

Chrome is the most widely used browser on the planet, it is the great masterpiece of Google to get into practically all devices, whether computers or mobile, however, not exactly the most optimized browser.

We have been hearing for years that Chrome will reduce the consumption of RAM and resources, but that day has not yet come. Multitude of tabs, extensions and plugins, runtime, Chrome is a glutton and sometimes it is necessary to do a reboot to clean all the resources you are occupying.

How to restart Chrome to free up RAM

Although all operating systems have their own resource management system, on older or low-resource computers it doesn’t hurt. free the RAM that Chrome is using.

There is a very simple command that you can run to make this happen automatically, restarting the browser instantly. Enough with write this in the navigation bar:

chrome: // restart

Once you press Enter, Chrome restarts completely, but when you open it, you will return to recover the open tabs with the websites you were visiting.

Clean and speed up Chrome

This command can also be very useful for restart browser when we change flags, Those advanced settings that allow you to block or activate browser elements, here are some:

On the other hand, if you have the browser at the top of crap that is slowing it down completely, here is a tool to leave it more than clean: