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How to find alternatives to any program or application

How to find alternatives to any program or application

How to find alternatives to any program or application

You look for alternatives to programs What do you usually use? This website will help you.

We all have favorite programs or applications, software that we use every day, practically every day and that we also have installed on all our computers and devices.

I mean, those programs that you cannot miss, the ones you always install when you buy a new computer.For example, everyone knows Adobe Adobe Reader to read PDF files, or Microsoft Office as an office suite to create all kinds of documents, but that does not mean that there are many alternatives to them, and in many cases they are usually better and sometimes free.

Alternatives to the programs you use the most

Why is it good to know alternatives? As it has always been said, it is good to have options, the alternatives not only allow you discover new programsIf not, sometimes they will even make you forget your original option because the new one is better or, simply, does just what you need in a faster, simpler and more efficient way.

There are cases when alternatives also consume less resources, which is phenomenal in computers with a few years old that do not have as much power. And on the other hand, looking for alternatives also allows you save money, because there are always programs or applications with functions equivalent to a lower price or completely free and Open Source.

So far we have seen, for example, alternatives to PowerPoint to create presentations, alternatives to iTunes, programs to organize all your photos that can replace the well-known Picasa, alternatives to Google Docs to work with documents in the cloud or, for example, alternatives to specific programs Like uTurrent, one of the most popular options to download Torrents.

AlternativeTo, the website you need to discover software alternatives

The list could stretch to infinity, but luckily there are such cool and useful websites like that makes things easier for us, an essential one that you must have in favorites.

Its operation is simple, it is enough to look for the name of a program or contreta application, so that the web returns us alternatives, that easy, although it offers us many more possibilities.

Firstly, it should be noted that the relevance and order of the recommended alternatives come from the community. That is, it is the users themselves who, with their votes, comments and proposals, feed the classifications of alternatives to specific programs and help the rest of the web visitors.

When the programs you use are not on all operating systems

We have all changed the operating system at some time, today it is usual to findcross-platform software, that is, the same program practically traced for the most popular desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and also mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), but this is not a universal rule.

It will not be the first time that we change the system and stay in the gutter at discover that a specific program is not available. Of course, it is most likely that there is another with similar characteristics, but without having clues about its name, we have no choice but to dive into Google or use a website like that of AlternativeTo.

When looking for alternatives to a program (in the example, Adobe Photoshop), we can apply a series of filters. For example, only showing results for a specific system or its license, if we want the results to be payment options, free or only open source.

Very interesting too can filter only by online alternativesThat is to say, webapps that work directly in the navigation and thus we do not have to install anything (because we do not have time or because we cannot, as it happens for example in teams of public centers).

Definitely, AlternativeTo is a must, a website to always have favorites that feeds on everyone’s opinions.

Where to download the programs from?

In each program file we have more information about it and also a link to its official website, from where we can download it.

In any case, if you are looking for others reliable places to download programs, here we review the best websites to do it:

And these others are the websites that you should avoid, for what you want the most: