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How to embed Facebook, Twitter and Google+ posts on a website

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No need to use plugins In addition to referencing specific posts on social media on our website, the insert code is now offered by each network by default and can be obtained in most services, for example the four chosen today, with just a few clicks. . The interesting thing is that they lighten the website load by dispensing with plugins from third parties, include the links corresponding to the publication, have the specific details of time and date, and a button for Follow to give credit to whoever shared it.

For Facebook posts

Put the cursor in the upper right part of the publication, press the arrow that appears to display a small menu of options and there select Insert post.

A pop-up window will then appear with a preview of the publication and the corresponding code that will need to be copied and then pasted on the website.

Bonus: For Instagram images

Each photo captured with Instagram has its own page and a simple comment space on Right at the end, to the right of the comment insert box, is a three-dot button containing the option Embed you must select.

Instantly a small window will pop up with the insert code, much easier than Facebook’s. After entering it on the website, the height and width values ​​of the publication to be embedded can be easily modified.

For tweets on Twitter

Locate the tweet you want to embed, put the cursor at the bottom right and click on the link that says More It is also accompanied by a three point icon. Click on it to then select the option Insert Tweet.

Subtract copy and paste the code that appears, optionally, after checking or unchecking the option Include multimedia content to define whether or not the linked image or video will be displayed next to the text. The tweets are the best left to be embedded, so much so that if the visual details do not work on the website, the tweet as a simple quote (with the HTML tag blockquote).

For Google+ posts

The insertion of Google+ posts on other sites is a brilliant novelty launched by Google this week along with new photo-editing options and a striking integrated question system for users. hangouts on air to better interact with those who view them (it can be very useful in political debates with opinionated citizens).

Anyway, after locating yourself in the publication that you want to share on the website and placing the cursor on the top of its corresponding card in Google+, select the option that appears in the menu that appears Incorporate publication.

This will bring up the window with the insertion code. If you have +1 buttons on the website, you will hardly need to paste the second paragraph since the script from the top should already be on. By the way, this idea of ​​incorporating publications can be interesting to promote attendance at certain hangouts since publications also include invitations, those publications with the blue confirmation buttons (Assist? Y / Maybe / No).