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How to download your favorite Vines from PC, iOS and Android

Say goodbye to Vine: download all your vines, today becomes Vine Camera

Say goodbye to Vine: download all your vines, today becomes Vine Camera

Twitter closes Vine, so you can download your vines (or your favorites) to keep them safe.

That Twitter does not go through a good time is no longer a surprise. A few days ago the social network announced quarterly results and communicated with them the cut of 8% of its workforce.

Hours later and when half the world was dependent on the start of the Apple event in which they presented the new MacBook Pro,Twitter was killing Vine. So you can download everything you have uploaded to that network.

Vine dies, download your favorites

Twitter kills Vine and does it a bit by surprise. It is true that Vine was going through its best moment of popularity, but in countries like the United States, home of Twitter, there are real stars or Vinersque accumulate millions and millions of reproductions.

In any case, with the closure of Vine comes the question: what about the content i uploaded there? In the official statement the company assured that for the moment all the vines will remain accessible from the application and from the web. They will not be erased from one day to the next, but probably that day will come (they will warn before).

In any case, you can already do it: here are some options to download vines, either yours or those uploaded to Vine by other users.

Download Vines from Android and iOS (iPhone)

If you want to download vines from the smartphone, in the case of AndroidHere they collect several applications that facilitate the task:

How to download Vines from Android

In iOS A recommended tool is InstaSave, which is also compatible with Instagram to download its content:

Download Vines from the computer with this website

It is enough to download vines in Google so that dozens of webs different but personally I I recommend the one that has never failed me: SaveDeo.

It is a web brilliantly useful and simple, just paste the Vine link and voila. It also works with videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TED and many more services. And you, will you miss Vine?