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How to download torrents on iOS

How to download torrents on iOS

How to download torrents on iOS

What options do we have to download torrents on iOS? We analyze them!

Torrenting is a good way to share content because the file we want to download is not on a single server; its T shared among dozens of users and we are downloading parts of each one, so we don’t need a computer (or a server) that has the complete file. Unfortunately, torrent is widely used to distribute copyrighted files (without going into the legality or morality of that matter), something that has earned it a bad name among less informed users.

This is why Apple, the well-known company responsible for the iPhone, does not allow any Torrent clients to reach your app store, because it can be used for illegal purposes. And, again leaving aside the legal or the moral that it is, it is something that touches the nose a little to a certain sector of users, which wants to download from their iOS devices as if they were Android.

However, there are ways to download torrents on iOS without going through the closed App Store; today we talk about those ways to download torrents on iOS without too many headaches.

Use a web client


The solution that will give us the least headache is use a web service that downloads and relays content for us; Thus we save ourselves from having to install anything on our device, everything works through the browser. And Apple does not block anything we do through the browser, so we will not encounter any problems in the operating system.

Bitport is one of the best services specialized in doing that: download our Torrent and play them from the browser. The service is adapted to mobile devices, making it the ideal option to work with this type of download on our iOS device. The bad thing is we can try for free, but a somewhat more intensive use carries a monthly cost.

Jailbreak Pull


On the other hand, and with a few possible headaches along the way, we can bypass all of these iOS restrictions as has always been done; using the jailbreak, the action of unlocking administrator access to our device. We say that it leads to more headaches because, in addition to what can go wrong, it implies that we are not complying with Apple’s standards, and therefore we are left without support from Cupertino.

Once you have achieved this in your version, we can download iTransmission, a Torrent client for iOS with the same foundations as the infallible Transmission. It is available through Cydia in the usual repositories, so you should have no problem finding and installing it.