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How to download the images uploaded to Twitter in their original format

How to download the images uploaded to Twitter in their original format

How to download the images uploaded to Twitter in their original format

With these tricks you can download the images from Twitter in the original size and quality.

Twitter is a great way to share images; Whether they are photos of our experiences, curious images, or memes. However, it is not such a friendly medium if we want to download those images.

You may have noticed that Twitter very rarely shows the original image; it is almost always a reduced version, adapted to the image viewer that appears when we click on an image tweet.

This version is not only smaller in size, but its quality has also been reduced. In some cases, this not only worsens the experience, but makes it impossible to see the image well.

For example, high resolution images, with diagrams or drawings, are almost impossible to see on Twitter; It is somewhat frustrating, the truth, because as much as you click or tap on the image you will not see it larger.

How to download Twitter images in their original size

Fortunately, there is a way to get the original image that the user uploaded. It involves using the web version of Twitter, that is. We just have to follow a couple of steps.

First, we click on the image that we want to see; As usual, the image viewer will open. Next, we right click on the image and on Open image in a new tab or on View image depending on the browser.

This will open another tab with the image, but that is just the modified image; To get the original, we just have to modify the URL, the address of the image in the browser.

If you look, at the end of the file extension you will see a.jpg: large or a .jpg: small, for example; Twitter has predetermined resolutions, to adapt each image to the different types of screen. For example, in my case it would be:

To get the original image, we have to delete the final part and add: orig so that it looks like this:

Press Enter and the image to load the browser will be the original image, we just have to save it. That’s right, when you guard her remember to remove the: orig part of the file extension, or if your system may not be able to open the image.

How to download an image when the tweet has multiple images

There is a situation where this is not possible: when the user uploads multiple images in a single tweet.

In that case, the right mouse button will not show the option to open the image.

Instead, we have to right-click and choose the option Inspect or Inspect element. What we want is to see the HTML code of the page, because the link to the image that we want is saved there.

What we need to look for in the code is a tag like this: