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How to download a simple document can destroy our computer

How to download a simple document can destroy our computer

How to download a simple document can destroy our computer

Microsoft Word is again in the spotlight: aexploit It allows you to download a file that is capable of infecting our computer.

Microsoft Word has already suffered enough with macros. But, as if that were not enough, a new security hole has now been discovered that allows the attacker to enter malware on our computer. At the moment Microsoft is aware of this and most likely is looking for an update.

It is what is known as a exploit 0-day. I mean, aexploit that has been there forever but that no one knows. Not even Microsoft (that’s why they had not solved it until now). Worst of all is that affects any version of the program, we have Windows XP or Windows 10 Creator Update. It even bypasses the security systems of the operating systems.

What does thisexploit is download an .hta (XML) file that masquerades as an RTF file (file in rich text format). This is where the application is used to execute ascript malicious.

Do not download documents from the Internet

We no longer only have to mention attachments when we download something from the Internet, but now we have to add other types of threats (the vulnerability we are talking about). So, if before we had to have four eyes while sailing, now all the more reason.

Eastmalware is spreading like wildfire, according to some antivirus, through emailWe receive an email with an infected Word document and when we open it, we can no longer do anything.

The only thing we can do is apply common sense: automatically delete all emails with attachments that do not come from known contacts (and of course those forwarded from our contacts, too, unless we know the original source) and absolutely not download anything from Interent. We should not even download anything from Word’s third-party template portals, as they could also take advantage of these types of sites to distribute theexploit.