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How to disable web notifications in Chrome and Firefox

How to disable web notifications in Chrome and Firefox

How to disable web notifications in Chrome and Firefox

We tell you how to disable web notifications in the main browsers.

Web notifications are a trend that has appeared lately in all browsers, and more and more pages are adapting them for good reason.

Web notifications are basically the same concept that we enjoy on mobile, notices from apps that help us stay up to date with what’s going on, know when we have received an email or when we have been mentioned in a social network, and, in general, find out everything that happens on a page without having it constantly open.

Disabling web notifications can save you hassle

However, web notifications, like their counterpart on smartphones, can also be annoying. You may not be interested in receiving constant notifications that something is happening and you prefer to do things at your own pace; Or your activity may simply be so large that you receive notifications every second (for example, if your social account has many friends).

Also, it is good that more and more web pages support notifications, but we are seeing bad practices in its implementation, such as pop-up messages that prevent us from continuing to see the page until we accept.

For all that, you may want to disable web notifications forever in your browser, or at least until things improve.


Google was one of the most promoted notifications in your browser, but luckily included a setting to avoid notifications.

To find it we have to open the menu and Settings, and then go to Content Settings.

In the notifications section, we will see that by default Chrome will ask us every time a website wants to show us notifications.

Right below we can check the box that prevents all websites from displaying notifications.

Or we can click on Manage exceptions if we want to remove those permissions to a specific website that we have already accepted.


Disabling web notifications is just as easy in the Mozilla browser.

We just have to open the menu, open Options and choose the Content side tab.

In the Notifications section we can click on Choose and a window will open in which we can manage which sites we want to show notifications.

If there is a site that is constantly asking us for notifications, what we can do is block them only for that address. For this, we enter the web that we want to block and we right-click on any site and on View information on the page.

Here we go to the Permissions section and disable the Receive notifications option.