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How to disable automatic video playback on Facebook

How to disable automatic video playback on Facebook

How to disable automatic video playback on Facebook

So you can disable automatic playback of videos on Facebook.

The videos have flooded Facebook, the social network has made a great commitment to native content and it is quite clear that a video uploaded there has much more reach and reproductions if you insert the same YouTube video.

Leaving aside the way in which Facebook records the statistics of reproductions, the social network automatically plays the videos when we meet them on the wall. Simply swipe over to start the video, either from the web on the computer or on the smartphone with the official application.

Prevent videos from playing alone on Facebook

At least we are lucky, because the videos are automatically muted, but if not everyone is amused that this happens, so we will see how to stop the automatic playback of Facebook videos, both on the web version and on mobile devices with the official Facebook app.

Disable video playback on the Facebook website

Starting first on the web, it must be made clear that the videos will continue to appear, this will not remove them from your view, it is simply that they will stop playing automatically, you will have to leave the Play to see them.

  • Enter
  • Go to Settings
  • Enter the Video section (it is in the list on the left).
  • There you will see the option to activate or disable video playback.

disable playing videos facebook

By the way, from that same menu you can select the video quality to be loaded by default, HD or standard.

How to disable video playback in the Facebook application

Moreover, we can dothe same in the application for mobiles and tablets From Facebook. In these devices I consider it even more useful because, in general, we will be under our data connection and the automatic reproduction makes us waste our monthly data bonus.

  • Enter the settings of the Facebook app.
  • Click on Application Settings
  • There you will see the section Autoplay
  • You have several options: that never reproduce, do so only on WiFi, or always (data and WiFi).


Usually this helps us save Data always, but now that summer comes and you will have many trips prepared, it is especially interesting because it helps us to maximize our rate, even more so if you use your laptop with some USB modem.

The automatic playback of videos on Facebook is activated by default, have you kept it that way?